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I am ch.swapna from nzb. I met with an accident n my bilateral pelvis was fractured. some doctors advised the need of surgery but it's too critical. when I approached dr.khaleelullah sir advised me with bed rest u will recover no need of surgery. sir prescribed one injection within 6 months I recovered n now I'm able to walk n can do my work. I'm so thank full to sir. thank u so much, sir.

Swapna Srinu

Hi my self Rajshekar from Hyderabad five year's back I was met with the road accident, My right hand was severally injured I got multiple fractures in my right hand, My right hand Wrist bone was got several pieces and my right hand elbow was dislocated, center hand of the bone got cut in two pieces. It was the pain full incident i could not able to explain by word how pain i was meat i pray the god this kind of pain should never come to some other, I that i will lose my hand, after the accident i was admitted with olive hospital mehdipatnam HYD. DR.KHALEELULLAH was given me the treatment, He did my surgery the well practiced doctor and the god blesses brings my hand back, now i am completely alright, during my treatment the hospital service and care of the doctor is excellent, and i appreciated and my suggestion for the ortho treatments DR.KHALEELULLAH is the best and my heart full thanks for DR.KHALEELULLAH.

Raj Shekar

With my personal experiences, I suggest Dr.Khaleelullah SDGK to people who needs an orthopedic. I was suffering from severe joint pains Dr. Khaleelullah prescribed me medicines, injections and suggested me exercises which were very beneficial for me. I am perfectly fine now.


Assalamualaikum warahmatullah he wabarakathu Dr khaleelullah sir bohath hi acha freely bath cheeth se mera ilaaj I am perfect I am ready to join my work...aise hi aap har patient ko achi tarah treat karna blk my chata hu ...thnku sir Jazakallah khair ❤️

Mohammad Munwarhussain

I have Good Experience and Excellent Treatment from Dr. Khaleelullah. My father by namely MOHAMMED SHAKEEL suffered with Hip Joint Problem in 2013, he can’t walk and can’t sit properly. I was consulting to Mr. Dr. Khaleelullah he suggested to Total Hip Joint Replacement Surgery. We had done the the Total Hip Replacement Surgery with Dr. Khaleelullah in March, 2013. His Treatment (Satisfied& Excellent) which has been completely recovered. He (Dr. Khaleelullah) was well treated. He is a very Good Doctor and his Treatment is excellent.
(8 Years Completed) From March 2013 to till my father and my family is Very Happy.

Sabeel Mohammad

I had a fracture of the thigh knee cap with multiple pieces 2 year's back ....Dr khaleelullah operated on me and fixed the bone with a metal nail and steel wires.. .. I was hopeless and worried because of the accident and never thought of walking. .. Within 3months I started walking and I got my complete movements of leg.. .thanks to dr khaleelullah for giving my life back. ..

Praveen Kumar

Best doctor in the city with good treatment Thank you, sir.

persy Joy

Dr is very good at handling patients.

A hakshitha

I was suffering from a knee imbalance started after injury…i consulted dr khaleelullah he examined me carefully and diagnosed me as ACL tear and MCL tear....I was operated by dr Khaleelullah for my right knee joint for an ACL tear and MCL tear with arthroscopic ACL and MCL reconstruction.... today it's 6 months after surgery I am walking very well and doing all the activities without any imbalance ....I am very thankful to dr khaleelullah for his surgical care and making me normal.

vinay gupta

I have a very good feedback bcoz, I am a patient of Dr. Khaleelullah since from 6 month, I have a knee pain, now am happy ( satisfied) by his treatment which has been completely recovered. well treated, He is a very good Doctor

Avuta Harathi

Excellent service sir... Thanks a lot for your treatment..


You can be assured that he will give you the best treatment you deserve. A very sensible and intelligent doctor. I am sure he will go a long way.

Arif Ebrahim

I had a hip joint problem in 2019, I couldn’t walk, sit or even sleep properly then I consulted Dr. Khaleelullah. Under his medication supervisory and his suggested exercises, i was recovered within 2 months completely. He is an amazing doc with great experience. Thank you sir .


Dr khaleelulla did hip fracture surgery with metal implant for mother in law 3months after surgery she is started walking well...I would recommend Dr khaleelulla for treatment of orthopefic problems

K Madhu

Visiting Dr.Khaleelullah Sir since 6 years,one of the best Orthopedic Doctors in Hyderabad,He operated on my elder brother for a leg surgery & my brother is doing great now,he guided us well post surgery n took better care till my brother got fully recovered,His treatment satisfied us through the surgery!Since then all my family members & my relatives consult Dr.Khaleelullah sir for any Orthopedic problems!
Doctor saab is a down to earth & well experienced person who listens to the patients with full patience & guide them!

Syed Irshad

2 years back i had a severe back pain problem but with the treatment of Dr. Khaleel Ullah Alhmadulillah today I'm fine! I would rate his consultation 5/5 and recommend Dr. khaleel Ullah name to everyone for best orthopaedic treatment.

Alisha Fatima

Thank you for your commendable services. You've performed her surgery where she had three of her leg bones broken. Thanks for making her life normal. She can now walk properly and has negligible pain.

Sara Begum

He is an excellent doctor I have come across and he was performed the proximal tibia surgery to me in April 2021 and now IAM able to walk on my own by the grace of Allah subhanahu taala.definately Allah has has given shifa in his hands.
Good listener to the patients and moral booster also.

Fasi Khan

My bottom of the heart I would like to say thanks to dr.khaleelullah sir.I am quite happy with his treatment for my elbow surgery.actually I had very bad fracture at my left hand elbow .doctor explained clearly and done my surgery.with in 1 yr my elbow joint fully recovered and doing all kind of work without any pain.once again thank you for excellent treatment sir.

nayakam suresh

Best doctor in South India for orthopedic . Very much experienced doctor.


Best treatment taking from dr khaleelullah sir .I suggest only one name dr khaleelullah everyone who suffer orthopedic problem.

irfan mohd

Excellent and professional doctor, had experienced myself for the treatment, very patient and successful for surgeries, recommend friends and others. can approach dr khaleel sir for treatment.

Abdul Hai

Dr.khaleel has been our family doctor ever since,my grandmother went through tendon rupture at the back of the ankle dr khaleel made sure to take care of my grandmother without any surgery cured her leg w just plaster and to be honest he has been the best doctor we are very thankful for such kind and very patient doctor , hereby i would 100% surely recommend you dr khaleel for any ortho guidance.


Best orthopedic doctor in Hyderabad got fixed my right arm


I highly recommend Dr Khaleelullah SDGK for all the orthopedic related treatments and a big thanks for ur services.

Mohammed Azmath Ali

Best doctor , very polite and best orthopedic surgeon finest treatment

syed saber

Exllent doctor


Excellent doctor.Thank you so much sir. Thank you .

Jassra Nayyar

Best doctor for orthopedics.Thanks to olive to hire such an amazing doctor. Such a patient gentleman. Thanks again

Zafar Hassan

My mother is injuring in hip joints then Dr. Khaleelullah done a surgery in the hip joints and now she is very good and working well

Syed Moin

My bottom of the heart I would like to say thanks to dr.khaleelullah sir.I am quite happy with his treatment for my elbow surgery.actually I had very bad fracture at my left hand elbow .doctor explained clearly and done my surgery.with in 1 yr my elbow joint fully recovered and doing all kind of work without any pain.once again thank you for excellent treatment sir 🙏🙏🙏

nayakam suresh

Getting injured by a accident in my right shoulder I got bone fractures and after coming in Olive Hospital Dr Khaleelullah operated me a surgery and now under his medication and physiotherapy I am totally fine and working well.

Mr Hari_ 298

Dr. Khaleel ullah is one of the best orthopaedic surgeons . From day 1 of OP to till complete the treatment ALHAMDULLIHA We're very grateful for his service. Thank you ✨ from syed khalander now I am feeling good


I faced an accident long before then I come to olive hospital and meet Dr.Khaleelullah.He operated me a surgery and CRIF nailing in femur.Now I am totally fine under Dr's medication and doing all the activities well enough.

sameer mohammad

My son was fall from high and get injured. After that his lower back bone was dislocated and we came to Dr.khaleelulla. Within a month without surgery under his medications and physiotherapies my son is completely well and walking well enough.Thank You doctor.

Md Imran

I am k veerana was admitted for fracture of left patella by an accident under Dr.khaleelullah. After the surgery of my knee I am totally fine now and able to all my activities well enough.Thank you doctor Khaleelulla .

Eppanuru Praveen

Acl ter surgery is good done by Dr khaleelullah SDGK i am total fit i am so happy

Dowlesh Bandola

Dr.Khaleelullah is the most versatile orthopedic surgeon who treats his patients with utmost care. A very friendly and gregarious doctor who treated my mom for tendo Achilles and my mom was able to walk today just because of his best treatment and moral encouragement given to my mom.She almost left her hope to walk, at this juncture he was approached by us and he could take care of mom.we rarely come across such wonderful doctors.

V S mulla

I had an accident and faced an ACL injury in the right knee. Then I have consulted Dr.khaleelullah and he operated me to cure this problem .Now I am perfectly walking and doing my activities well enough.Thank you doctor. Your experience and excellence played a big role in boosting up my confidence.

Syed Imran

The patient was suffering from shoulder paint so the doctor treated with non surgical injection

vinith sonu

I met accident near tolichowk on 8th Feb, immediately I have admitted in Olive Hospital and First AID treatment and all necessary investigation was done immediately. Dr. Khaleelullah SDGK Orthopedic Surgeon was done Close reduction and Internal fixation. Right Tibia with IM nail fixation and fibula rush nail fixation was done on 9th Feb. I am walking now without support. I am grateful to Dr.Khaleellah SDGK.

Jagannadha Rao Regana

I had ACL Surgery, done by Dr.Khaled Ullah. Thank you for everything you've done for me🌸 and I’m perfectly fit now. I felt very confident and secure in your care. Great experience! I barely waited to be helped when I checked in. The staff and Dr.Khaled Ullah were all very friendly and helpful. I especially loved how he really took his time to explain my knee conditions with me as well as my treatment options, and doctor’s demeanor has really put me at ease so I highly recommend him for any orthopaedic surgeries. He always asks if I have any other questions I must say You are, by far, the kindest and nicest doctor I have ever met.

Sai Krishna

My brother Sharfuddin faced an accident in December then he came to the olive hospitals and consulted Dr.Khaleelulla. His tibia bone was fractured and Dr.Khaleelulla treats him and make him walk well without any surgery within 4 months . Now he is totally doing his activities well and really happy. Thank You Doctor.

Afreen Begum

One of the best orthopaedic doctor.

Imran Ali

I have met with an accident in last year bilateral femur fracture of both legs thanks for they olive hospital management and a special thanks to DR KHALEELULLAH SGDK who had help me to stand on my legs in only 3 months thanks.

gulam mahmood

Before 3 months i got accident by bike and i admitted in olive hospital under the consultatation of Dr.Khaleelulla .He operated me a tibia bone surgery very well. Till now i am under the medication Dr . khaleelulla and very happy as well and able to walk properly also doing the activities properly.Thank You Doctor.

Awais Ahmed

I am zuber ahmed i faced an accident and got three bone injuries such as thigh bone, knee bone and below knee bone.Then i came to olive hospital and meet Dr.Khaleelulla .I got admitted for 8 days and operations are taken placed by Dr.khaleelulla.Then implanted three rods to make this surgery happen well. now i am feeling very well and happy under the medication of Dr.Khaleelulla.Thank you Dr.

Zuber Ahmed

I am Md Rizwanuddin faced an acl injury due to an accident. Then I come to the Olive Hospital and meet here The Sr. Consultant of Orthopaedics Dr. Khaleelulla SDGK. He treated so well and after his surgery now I am feeling very good right now. One of the Best Orthopaedics Senior Surgeons In Hyderabad with very good and gentle behavior I feel so well. Thank you Dr. Khaleelulla SDGK.

Mohd Zaheer

Dr. Khaleelullah is undoubtedly one of the best orthopaedic surgeons in the city. He offered us the best and honest consultation when I fractured my leg. Owing to his experience and expertise, he is very patient and knowledgeable. We’re very grateful for his service and support throughout the surgery and recovery process. We wish him the best and would highly recommend to place your trust in his very capable hands. Thank you.

singh rahul

Dr.Khaleelullah was exceptional in treating my low back pain.The back pain which was troubling me for over a year is gone now. I totally recommend him if you are suffering from any Orthopedic problems or joint pains.

pardhureddy padidam

Dr.Khaleelullah is the best orthopedic surgeon in the twin cities. Whenever I talk to him I feel that I am talking to my family member. He did Total knee replacement to my uncle he is comfortable walking now without any pain. Thank you so much to Dr.Khaleelullah Garu.

naresh ganthoti

My mother had been suffering from knee pain since 3 years. We searched for a doctor online and went to Dr Khaleelullah because of the good reviews we found. He performed knee replacement surgery on both her knees. We are immensely satisfied with the treatment. Everything, from the first appointment to the post-op care was excellent. The way he deals with the patients is very reassuring. He is very kind and empathetic and has a rich polite behavior. He is a very reliable doctor and an expert in his field. I really appreciate his work. And would highly recommend him to anyone who is need of a orthopedic. Best doctor in Hyderabad!

naveed syed

Hello every one Right leg Femur Fractured, Arrived at the Emergency, with in 4 to 5 mins Dr Khakeelullah, was attending me, and iimmedustely wuth out any delay sent me to the Diagnosis; one my reports were ready, Dr Khakeelullah shifted me to the ward and looking at the criticality of my Fracture, Doctor has posted my surgery with in few hours. Succesful surgery performed, it was assumed that it may take 8 to 10 months to walk, however with my Subsiquent visits, and consultations was able to walk with in 3 months. Finally i would say that the most relaiable and blindly trustable Doctir, a Magicians Hands!!!!!! Thank you Doctor for treating me, and bringing ne back on my feet in a short period of time, Naheed Lateef

Naheed Lateef

Excellent Orthopaedic Surgeon with great skill and a humane heart. His post operative care is excellent. Will strongly recommend anyone with orthopaedic conditions.

srikanth bathini

Doctor khaleelulla is an excellent orthopaedic O had knee pain from couple of months he suggested me medicine and exercise send few life style changes which made my life comfortable I thank him for his service May Allah bless him

rahmath khan

Very friendly and explains the problem nicely I have undergone procedure from him on my left leg. Within 30 days i was able to see the results…. Thanks



Riyas Khan

He has performed my leg surgery 4 years ago and has been extremely supportive throughout all my Sessions in guiding me towards proper medical care & solution. May Allah bless him for his expertise.

Mohammed Khizar

Best doctor in twin cities Me and my mother got surguries by him Go blindly for orthopedic surgeries

raghuveer poori

Excellent behaviour,good diagnosis, explain the problems,Treats well with very few medicine,opreative results after joint replacement my father is smoothly walking wonderful service sir... Thanks a lot for your treatment and support..

shankar shaw

He’s one of the best orthopedist in Hyderabad I would say. Perfectly knows how to give accurate treatment.

jai nag

Honestly one of the best doctors in the city. I met with an accident 6 months ago had multiple fractures like Pelvic bone fracture, right leg fracture, Toe fracture. At the time of being admitted to the hospital I lost all the hopes that I would be able to walk properly in future but after going through surgeries by Dr. Khaleel Ullah sir. Alhamdulillah I am must better and able to walk since last 2 months. First of all I am very thankful to Allah after him Dr. Khaleel Ullah sir.

Md Shoaib Hussain

I met with an accident and got multiple fractures. Dr. Khaleelullah operated multiple surgeries one for right leg and two surgeries on my left hand. Now am all fine and after one and half years am again going for implant removal surgery in couple of days. I can say one of the best doctor i have ever Meet.....

Shaikh Abdullah

I was suffering from avascular necrosis and had constant pain and it was getting unbearable thankfully I found Dr khaleelullah at olive hospital and underwent core decompression surgery the whole process took me 4months for complete recovery again I am grateful to Dr khaleelullah who treated me and made me feel at home by which I wasn't afraid of the surgery now after 4months I am absolutely fine.....

Mohammedmohsin Khan

Treating friendly and giving perfect treatment......

Hariprasad G

I am Mohd Ismail Quadri i met an incident and broken my femuer left leg bone such as thigh bone on 19 feb 2022,.Then i came to olive hospital and meet Dr.Khaleelullah sir .I got admitted for 8 days and surgery aso done on 21 feb 2022,Then 3 Screw fit to make this surgery well. now i am feeling very Well and thanks to Dr Khaleel ullah sir @Olive Hospital.Behtreen Insaan Kaam Se Pechane Jaate Hain Warna Achi Baatein To Dewaar Par Bhi Likhi Hoti Hain......


Dr khaleelullah was good at diagnosing my meniscus tear. he suggested for a surgery. The surgery went well and the injury healed.......

Sandeep Ullirao