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Avascular necrosis is defined as the localized death of cells in the bone due to lack of blood supply to it. It results in weakening or collapse of the bone.

It is also called osteonecrosis or ischemic bone necrosis and most commonly occurs in the hip. The other common sites include shoulders, knees and ankles.


  • imageIdiopathic (unknown)
  • imageBone fractures
  • imageJoint dislocations
  • imageSteroids
  • imageAlcohol abuse
  • imageSmoking
  • imageRadiotherapy or chemotherapy
  • imageautoimmune diseases


  • imageX-rays
  • imageCT Scan
  • imageBone scintigraphy
  • imageMRI


  • imageJoint stiffness
  • imagePain in the groin or thigh
  • imageSwelling of the joint
  • imagePopping noise of the joint
  • imageIncreased joint pain in rainy season


  • imageX-rays
  • imageCT Scan
  • imageMRI



Management & treating of underlying cause of avascular necrosis to minimize progression of disease

  • imageMedications
  • imageExercises
  • imageRest

Joint-preservation operations: These procedures are done in early avascular necrosis of the hip to improve blood supply to the affected bone

  • imageCore Decompression and bone grafting
  • imageCore Decompression and bone marrow injection
  • imageVascularised bone grafting
  • Joint Replacement: Done in advanced stages where bones are collapsed and arthritis is evident

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Dr.KHALEELULLAH is a renowned gold medal award-winning Orthopaedician in Hyderabad. He has got extensive experience of more than 15 years and positioned himself as the best orthopedic surgeon in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. He worked for nearly 8 years in the prestigious Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences(NIMS), Hyderabad where he acquired vast skills and knowledge about managing complicated orthopedic problems. He proved himself as the right Ortho Surgeon with MCH specialization with his deep interest in the area of joint reconstruction surgeries.

Treatment for Avascular Necrosis of Hip