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Two wedge-shaped pieces of cartilage act as “shock absorbers” between your thigh bone (femur) and shinbone (tibia) called Menisci.


  • imageTraumatic injuries during contact sports
  • imageAging causes degenerative meniscus tears
  • imageSudden twist of knee joint


  • imagePain and swelling of knee joint
  • imagePopping sensation
  • imageDifficulty bending or straightening leg
  • imageLocking of knee
  • imageUnable to move your knee through its full range of motion


  • imagePhysical tests
  • imageX-ray
  • imageMRI


  • imageIf the meniscal tear is small and on the outer edge of the meniscus, and your knee is stable, it may be treated conservatively with rest and pain medication.

If symptoms persist then they are treated arthroscopically.

  • image Partial meniscectomy- The damaged meniscus tissue is trimmed away. This requires approximately 3 to 4 weeks for healing.
  • image Meniscus repair- can repair meniscus tears by suturing the torn pieces together .This may take about 3 months to heal.

About Doctor:

Dr.KHALEELULLAH is a renowned gold medal award-winning Orthopaedician in Hyderabad. He has got extensive experience of more than 15 years and positioned himself as the best orthopedic surgeon in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. He worked for nearly 8 years in the prestigious Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences(NIMS), Hyderabad where he acquired vast skills and knowledge about managing complicated orthopedic problems. He proved himself as the right Ortho Surgeon with MCH specialization with his deep interest in the area of joint reconstruction surgeries.

Knee Meniscal Tear Treatment