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It’s also known as adhesive capsulitis, causing pain and stiffness in the shoulder.

Common in ages between 40 -60 years and more often in women and diabetics.

Capsule of the shoulder joint becomes thickened and tight. Stiff bands – adhesions develop over a period further leading to stiffness.

It occurs in 3 stages:

  • image FREEZING – gradual worsening of pain and loss of motion lasts for 6 – 9 weeks.
  • imageFROZEN – pain improves but stiffness continues for 4 -6 months.
  • imageTHAWING – shoulder movements improve and return to near normal, takes 6 months – 2years.


  • imageDiabetes
  • imageImmobilization – prolonged immobilization after injury or fractures


  • imagePain
  • imageInability to move shoulder


  • imageX- rays – to rule out arthritis
  • imageMRI – to rule out rotator cuff and other soft tissue injuries



  • imageAnalgesics
  • imageCortisone injections
  • imagePhysiotherapy


  • imageManipulation – done under anaesthesia to break the adhesions.
  • imageArthroscopy – to break the adhesions.

About Doctor:

Dr.KHALEELULLAH is a renowned gold medal award-winning Orthopaedician in Hyderabad. He has got extensive experience of more than 15 years and positioned himself as the best orthopedic surgeon in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. He worked for nearly 8 years in the prestigious Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences(NIMS), Hyderabad where he acquired vast skills and knowledge about managing complicated orthopedic problems. He proved himself as the right Ortho Surgeon with MCH specialization with his deep interest in the area of joint reconstruction surgeries.

Frozen Shoulder Treatment