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It includes dislocation of knee cap (patella) or dislocation of shin bone (tibia & fibula) in relation to thigh bone (femur).

Knee dislocation may be associated with ligament injuries (ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL) & Meniscal (Medial or Lateral) Tears. Vascular & Nerve injuries are also common.


  • imageRoad traffic injuries
  • imageSport injuries
  • imageFalls


  • imagePain
  • imageSwelling
  • imageDeformity
  • imageInability to move the joint
  • imageInability to weight bear
  • imageNumbness & tingling (when associated with nerve injury)
  • imageNo distal Pulses (when associated with vascular injury)


  • imageX-ray
  • imageMRI
  • imageDoppler scan/ CT Angiogram (to rule out vascular injury)
  • imageEMG/NCV (to rule out nerve injury)


  • imageClosed reduction under Anesthesia.
  • imageAnalgesics
  • imageImmobilisation – cast / brace 4-6 weeks
  • imageSurgery when closed manipulation fails, when associated with fracures , vascularor nerve injuries.

About Doctor:

Dr.KHALEELULLAH is a renowned gold medal award-winning Orthopaedician in Hyderabad. He has got extensive experience of more than 15 years and positioned himself as the best orthopedic surgeon in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. He worked for nearly 8 years in the prestigious Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences(NIMS), Hyderabad where he acquired vast skills and knowledge about managing complicated orthopedic problems. He proved himself as the right Ortho Surgeon with MCH specialization with his deep interest in the area of joint reconstruction surgeries.

Knee Dislocation Treatment